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Lindt is a Swiss chocolate brand which is renowned the world over for its silky smooth, melt-in-the mouth quality. With some of the best prices you'll find on Lindt’s premium chocolate, take advantage of our Australia-wide delivery and buy Lindt chocolates, Lindt Lindor Gift Boxes in different variety online with "Sweet As" today.


"The Lindt Lineage"

Lindt is a premier chocolatier and confectionary maker in the chocolate mecca that is Switzerland. When master confectioner Rudolphe Lindt perfected his production technique in the 19th century to produce a new form of chocolate that melted on the tongue rather than remaining brittle and rough-surfaced, as chocolate tended to be at the time, he established for his company a reputation for excellence and luxury. Though this reputation remains to this day, as does the supremacy of their chocolate, the company has by no means rested on its laurels and continues to innovate and experiment with flavour and texture.


Lindt chocolate balls

Are one of their most popular products, and with good reason – velvet smooth with centres that explode with flavour, they come in a variety of delicious tastes with new additions arriving regularly. Buy Lindt balls today for fantastic savings from Sweet As!


We also stock a huge range of other Lindt products to suit any type of sweet tooth – whether it’s Lindt Lindor chocolates you crave, or Lindt mint truffles in bulk prices. If you prefer your chocolate white, the Swiss chocolatier caters to this need too. And of course, we have the perennial favourites – Lindt balls in many flavours.


Lindt Supply at Sweet As


At Sweet As, we make it easy to buy Lindt Chocolates online – we can deliver throughout Australia. We also offer fantastic prices, so make sure you keep checking back to see what Lindt chocolate we have on special!

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