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Almond Roca Chocolates

Almond Roca is one of the most beloved sweets in America. The brittle butter crunch toffee with almonds offers a rich flavour, blending real vanilla and butter with chocolate and fresh almonds. Each mouth-watering piece comes wrapped in a heavy gold foil to distinguish it from other sweets and underline what a special treat you’re about to experience. Almond Roca chocolates are hard to find in Australia, but fans of this delicious and addictive sweet will be pleased to find them at Sweet As through our online store. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied by the taste and texture of our Roca chocolate.

A One-of-a-Kind Sensation

The secret to the butter crunch centre – which is crunchy but soft at the same time – is the lack of salt or water in its preparation. Creamy, crunchy and truly satisfying, this is a one-of-a-kind candy sensation! Roca chocolate is available in a range of packaging to suit the size of any craving. Just beware; the more you order, the more you’ll want!

Sweet As makes it easy to stock up on delectable Almond Roca chocolate. Every order will be packed and shipped with the utmost care to ensure the product arrives at your door in pristine condition. We’ll also stay in touch with you and keep you informed about any changes to your estimated delivery time so you’re always in the loop about the location of your lollies.

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