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Anthon Berg

Founded in 1884, Anthon Berg has been making life sweeter for chocolate lovers in Denmark and all over the world ever since. The company began producing a range of liqueurs in 1922 which eventually expanded to include 12 varieties, of which the chocolate version was especially popular. They now produce up to 100,000 bottles per day and are continuously launching new varieties for chocolate enthusiasts. At Sweet As, we’re proud to stock an assortment of Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs in various flavours and packaging sizes. From 16pc coffee and cocktail selections through to 24pc bags featuring genuine spirit liquid centres in dark chocolate, we’ve got you covered.

Liqueur Bottles

Anthon Berg has been producing confectionary for well over a hundred years and is renowned for the exquisite quality of its products, including its liqueurs. As one of the oldest and finest brand names in Denmark, Anthon Berg has been appointed "Purveyor to the Royal Danish Court". These items aren’t the easiest to find, so stock up while you can.

Our range includes:

  • A 16pc coffee selection featuring Irish, French, Cuban, and American coffee flavours
  • A 16 pc cocktail selection featuring Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Margarita flavours
  • A 24pc bag that includes a variety of coffee and cocktail flavours

We deliver Anthon Berg chocolate liqueurs and coffee flavours all over Australia, meaning you can order online and enjoy them in next to no time.

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