Collection: USA Favourites

If you have an interest in or a craving for American sweets or American cereals, Sweet As can satisfy your curiosity and longings with a huge range of bona fide candy and chocolate sourced from the United States. You’ll find items that you won’t easily find anywhere else, expanding your palate and giving you amazing new confectionary experiences. We’ve got everything from American gum and Reese’s products through to Nerds candy and kisses chocolate in Australia. 

We have a reputation for sourcing and supplying just about every major type of USA candy you can think of at rock bottom prices. Our massive selection includes, Twinkie's, Takis chips, Reeses puffs, Milk dud lollies, Bubble gum, Junior mints, Jolly rancher candy, Nerds lollie, Warhead lollies, Warheads candy, Mike and Ike candy, Red vine candy, Hot Cheetos crunchy and so much more!

Browse our impressive range of USA products online or in-store, or contact us today to learn more.