About Us

Sweet As is a family owned, family operated business... and yes, it's a big family.

Initially Sweet As was the brainchild of Paul & Christine Smith who opened the first store over 25 years ago. Since then many of the family members have joined forces and developed the business to 7 stores, all in thriving locations around Melbourne. Currently there are 6 siblings and a few in-laws involved in the business, all working in various roles at Sweet As.

We are thrilled to be launching an online shopping cart, and will now be able to get top quality products at our rock bottom prices to customers all over the country.

Sweet As specialises in chocolate and confectionery from local and overseas suppliers, Lindt, Toblerone, Cote d'Or and Chocolatier to name a few. Over the years we have earned a great reputation with our customers in offering quality discounted specials and end of line clearance products. Sometimes our products are close to their 'best before' date, however we always ensure they are in excellent condition. This is a fabulous way for you to snap up quality chocolates for the family at massively discounted prices, or simply indulge yourself!

All of our products carry a BEST BEFORE date, (not an expiry date) and the 'best before' date indicates the period during which the product is at its optimal best. If chocolate is stored in the correct conditions is can be enjoyed long after that date with no concerns.

The products listed in our ‘On Sale’ section can often be ‘short dated’. And therefore will be offered at better prices with larger savings to you. However our standard product range is also available at our reasonable prices with normal ‘best before’ consumption periods.

We believe that chocolate is the perfect all round gift, be it for loved ones, friends, acquaintances or family members, so don't forget to select FREE GIFT WRAPPING at the checkout if you need it!