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An Italian chocolate confectionary company founded in 1907, Perugina has since become a division of the Nestle Corporation and is best known for its BACI chocolate kisses. These dark chocolate pralines are filled with hazelnut, wrapped in silver and blue, and include little love messages inside. This makes BACI chocolates the perfect choice for weddings, engagements or christenings. Sweet As proudly offers BACI chocolates wholesale, allowing you to buy these treats in bulk at low prices.


BACI chocolates were first created in 1907 when Perugina co-founder Luisa Spagnoli created them to use up excess chopped hazelnuts. According to legend, she was then inspired by her feelings for a special someone to wrap the chocolate in a love note. The delightful result soon caught on amongst young lovers that frequented the sweetshop. By 1939, these delectable confections had made their way across the ocean. A Perugina shop was opened on Fifth Avenue in New York City, where they were found to be just as irresistible. BACI chocolates, along with all other sweets made by Perugina, are still made back in Perugia to this day, staying true to their Italian origins. The recipe has also remained unchanged since their origin. If you want to buy BACI chocolates in bulk in Australia, Sweet As has you covered. We have 1kg (70 pieces) and 3kg (210 pieces) options available. In addition, our range includes 1kg (70 pieces) and 225g (18 pieces) gift boxes that contain a selection of milk, original dark and 70% dark chocolate varieties, along with a message.
If you want to buy BACI chocolates in bulk in Australia, Sweet As has the best range of delectable products at the lowest prices. Place an order today or speak to us for more information.

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