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Patons Chocolate

Are you looking to buy Patons chocolate macadamias? You’ll find a fantastic selection of products from Patons for sale at Sweet As, all of which are stored well to maximise and extend their freshness and overall quality. We’re passionate about sharing exciting and authentic Patons chocolate with our customers, who are routinely impressed by their texture and flavour. Whether you want chocolate covered macadamia nuts or smooth blocks that contain macadamia nuts, we’ve got you covered. Our products make for great gifts for any and all special occasions or as a treat for yourself. Either way, you’ll find something that’s sure to please within our range.

About Patons

Founded in 1975, Patons is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in chocolate coated macadamia nuts. They’re renowned for sourcing high-quality Australian produce and using premium ingredients to make products locally in Melbourne. Patons has recently expanded its range to include Patons chocolate blocks that contain delicious macadamia nuts. These and other products are available in different varieties for individuals with dietary requirements, such as Gluten-free, Lactose-free, and Trans-fat free. Patons prides itself on its dedication to quality, flavour and value.

Buy Patons Chocolate Today

If you have a craving for Patons chocolate macadamias, look no further than Sweet As for a great range of options at the best prices. Contact or visit your nearest store today to get your questions answered, or browse and shop online for prompt and affordable delivery.

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