Collection: Pink Lady


Are you looking for special chocolate treats for a gift or to indulge yourself? At Sweet As, we’re proud to stock a selection of rich and creamy Pink Lady chocolates. This Australian company based in Melbourne has a reputation for producing a range of unique chocolates that are perfect for weddings, special occasions, or as lovely token gifts anytime of the year. Whether you want to show a loved one your affection or tickle your tastebuds, Pink Lady confections are a classic that never fails.


Pink Lady heart chocolates are made with love and care, and are considered one of the most popular confections the company produces. Customers can buy them in bulk, placing them in bags and jars along with other chocolates or heart shaped lollies which they can either give to someone or keep for themselves. They’re available in different foil coloured wrappers, including silver, gold and patterned wrapping. In addition to foil-wrapped milk chocolate hearts, Pink Lady also offers various other items including liquorice bullets, raspberry jellies, chewy caramels, Turkish delight and more. Pink Lady confections are also available in milk, dark and white chocolate varieties.


Sweet As is a leading supplier of Pink Lady chocolates wholesale. Take a look at gift ideas, check out products from other brands we stock, find the best bargains and discounts, locate your closest store, or contact us at your earliest convenience for more details.

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