Collection: Bulk Candy


Do you have a big event coming up? Perhaps it’s a holiday, a promotion or a huge celebration like a wedding or a birthday party. If you’re asking yourself how on earth you’re going to get enough sweets to stock up your bulk candy bar, you’ve come to the right place – Sweet As online can deliver the amounts you need for seriously heavy supplies.

Bulk Sweet Buying Made Easy

When you need large quantities of lollies or chocolates for an event, wedding or a candy buffet, we can help. Buy here in large boxes, and we mean large – most are around the 8 or 10kg weight. We’ve also got a wide range of different lollies available, from sparkles to sherbet bombs, so we cater to a range of tastes as well.

Sweet As is the perfect place to shop when setting up bulk candy bars for parties, not just because we’ve got what you need, but also because we make it convenient – order online and we’ll deliver to your door. Even better, if your order weighs in at over $100, the postage to any Melbourne metro area will be free!