Collection: Candy Bar


Sometimes you need lots of candy! Perhaps you’re having a party, or you want to stock up for Christmas. Whatever your reasons, Sweet As is the best destination to order your bulk sweet treats! Our Sweet As Candy Bar buffet will start a party in your mouth, and is stocked full of all your favourite lollies and chocolates – everything from mint leaves to chocolate bullets. We bag these items up ourselves in 500g and 1kg bags, weighing carefully and accurately to ensure you get the full amount.

Order Online From Our Candy Bar

At Sweet As, we make it easy to get your hands on bulk sweets and chocolates. Browse our catalogue to select the lollies you want, place them in your shopping cart, confirm your order – and that’s it! Our comprehensive categories make it easy to search our range – you can even shop by colour! Your desired sweets will make their way to you at any location in Australia, all without you having to leave the comfort of your chair. And if your order comes to over $100, we’ll ship it to all Australian areas for free!