Collection: Wizz Fizz & Big Boss Lollies

Wizz Fizz Lollies

Wizz Fizz sherbet continues to be one of the most popular children’s treats at parties and schools, and Sweet As can supply you with all the Wizz Fizz lollies your party or school needs. We stock all of their most popular products, from Wizz Fizz lollipops to Wizz Fizz party pack options and much more!

Wizz Fizz products are jam packed with a flavoured powder that will explode in your mouth, spreading an intense fizzy flavour! They’re perfect for putting into lolly bags at parties and functions, as well as sprinkling on top of cakes and cupcakes to give them a fizzy taste. 

Wizz Fizz Lollies We Stock

  • Sherbert original
  • Raspberry
  • Fruity pops
  • Extra sour

Big Boss Lollies

Looking for a classic lolly that will make a great impression with your guests? Come to Sweet As for the biggest range of Big Boss lolly options that are great for kids’ parties, school canteens and much more!  

Formerly known as Big Boss candy cigars due to their shape, Big Boss sticks come in a variety of flavours, meaning there’s a Big Boss lolly for everyone. We can supply you with Big Boss chocolate, caramel, banana and raspberry flavoured sticks that kids will love sinking their teeth into.

Big Boss Lollies We Stock

  • Fruit punch
  • Banana
  • Caramel
  • Musk stix original
  • Fruit stix
  • Chocolate

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